Sunday, April 11, 2010

VANISHING _ after Frida K. _

I was in the morphine loop,
the angelic phase,
the distance from pain that one
desires, feeds for, hopes for,

I was inside my songs, ones that brought me balance, relief, and
were equal to the loop
         on any other day,

I saw stars, oceans with red beacons,
heard lapping waves and 
the calling chatter of gulls,

I tasted the scented lilacs of Omaha,
I was bathed in bliss and fanned 
with wings of dragonflies
from the beaches of Waveland,

All Things
came together and released 
my body
          from pain. 

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In My Memory :: poem for Front Beach

in my memory,
the deep aqua sky was severed
from the intense green
of The Emerald Coast that was laid to bear
the color of death,
the silence covered the skeletons
of oaks and
six gulls flew over nothingness, the sand
emptied of life,
and only a person with some bread to throw.

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One ocean - a visual communion,
My communion,
where sky and I meet that capacity
for magic
which removes the world
and my soul feels Life, and remembers
when that water touched me ~

I was two,
when Biloxi and the water
stole me.

and though I left,

I never truly left. . .

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